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Johnny started playing guitar at the age of 13, after being influenced by The Beatles. His 1st band was a 3 piece band called The Esquires. Throughout High School he played in the Band Gerry and the Stompers, who later changed their name to The Sunny Daze (how psychadelic).

While in College he hooked up with the Boston Multimedia group called Gross National Productions (GNP) and signed with Metromedia records. The band enjoyed great fame in the early 70's and are still being played on Boston Radio Stations. The lead singer of the band is now known as Red Peters (of Howard Stern fame).

Gross National

Pinch Performing Live

John went his own way in 1972 and started Smokin' Joe, which toured up and down the East Coast for 4 years. He did a brief reunion with GNP, before creating the band Pinch. The band played a lot but could not break through. He then hooked up with legendary Worcester MA rocker Lee Vachon in the band Leader Dog. The band recorded a lot of songs, but died before it ever really got off the ground.

He next hooked up with the legendary club band Southpaw and stayed with them all the way through their Under the Gun stage(name change). He then recorded a number of new tunes that turned into the band Velocity. Many felt this band was the best unsigned band in the country, and opened many doors for John. When the group disbanded John did a lot of session work at CRS in Bridgeport CT. He then started Big Guns and recorded 5 tunes with them. John was working a regular job at the time and was involved in an industrial accident which broke his back.

Velocity Press

The kids at a Johnny Press

Thinking he was through with the music business, he put the guitars away to watch his children grow up. His daughter Nikki is now a successful graphic artist and his son Shane is a pro baseball player in the Oakland A's organization. Twelve years after putting his guitar down, John pulled his old black Strat out of his case, and to his surprise, it was in perfect tune.

Old friends encouraged him to play again, so he hit the jam clubs. He hooked up with the Peabody Brothers in the band Blue Steele and then started the band Soulshaker with some old friends. When Soulshaker broke up, John asked Tony & Gary (Soulshaker's bass & Keyboards) if they wanted to continue playing with him. They did and Ned & Ed Peabody hopped on board to complete John's new band The Mess.

Johnny and Brenda from

The Mess performing live

Tom Werman, who produced Jeff Beck & Ted Nugent once said "If I could play guitar like anybody, it would be like John Press." John has many influences. He'll tell you that anybody he's ever seen play has influenced him one way or another. Its more like a buffet full of styles that he picks to fit the songs. John is using Fender Guitars and amps, at the moment and Fulltone & Boss effects. See the Johnny Press Mess at a club near you soon, but until then check out the Multimedia section right here on



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