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  1. JohnnyPress

    Hi everyone, the 1st thing I want to do is thank My daughter Nikki and Jesse Welch for putting this together for me. Its truly a labor of love for them and i appreciate everything they are doing for me. I hope in this section we can into some very different discussions other than what I or someone else did in this band or that band. Thanks for checking out the sight and let the blogging begin…Johnny Press.

  2. JohnnyPress

    I’ve always wanted to mention local guys(Worcester to Boston) whom I respect as guitar players. If I left you or your friend out, I probably haven’t seen them play. Example: I always heard Joey D’Angelo was a great player, yet the only time I ever saw him was in the Jones back in the 60’s, so he never influenced me. The guy who taught me how to play was a man named Bob Prince. He had recorded an old 50’s hit song named Shortnin Bread. Bob was a master, he could play Chet Atkins perfectly, Django Rheinhart perfectly, Johnny Smith(with his intricate tunings) perfectly. What a great player, unfortunately Bob moved to California and died at a real young age. I miss him to this day and think about him a lot. Costa Zotos was a barber in my home town who also played guitar and other guitarist would gather in his shop and play all day. This was a great learning experience, plus Costa taught me about the Flamenco feel and taught me how to play Maleguena and Never on a Sunday in his unique style. Ken Larochelle was my neighbor for years. I always admired the way he could pick out a song and figure it out no matter how difficult. He was the 1st person to expand the knowledge of bending notes to me. Norman Lamoreaux was the guy I used to go see play when I decided to start playing. He had the best band in town. The quickest way to learn a Beatle song was to watch Norman play it. When I got to College I met another guitarist named Quentin Jarvis who turned me on to a lot of good players like Alvin Lee ( before Woodstock), he also had a legato style I liked and I still use some of this today. The Worcester scene at the time had a couple of guys that I came to admire not only as guitarist, but as Songwriters. Jimmy D’angelo and Lee Vachon. Jimmy was and is a superb writer, he always had a great tone and he was the spitting image of Eddie Van Halen before we ever heard about Van Halen. In other words, he looked ROCK STAR. Lee Vachon was a star when he was in High School. Everybody knew Lee or of him. Its not that he was a great technician, but he always had the ultimate Rock Tone. He also had the attitude. No one ever lived the life as hard as he did. He is in a serious medical condition now and I only wish him the best. I met Dave Amato at a recording session at Angus Studios around 1973. Though Dave didn’t really influence me as a player, I always admired him and his knowledge of how to do or use things guitar wise. He also could fly on the strings and knew how to crunch when he had to. He also had the sweetest high vocal harmony anywhere. I used him as a Lead Singer in Velocity for a short time before he ran off to stardom in California as the guitarist for REO Speedwagon. Two guys with very different styles that I like now are George McCann and Dwight Perry. George is very much in the Eric Clapton school mode, but so good at it. When he is on, I would pay to see him(thats my ultimate compliment). Dwight Perry, to me is a unique player. I don’t play anything like him at all. Thats probably the reason I like him so much. It doesn’t matter what amp or guitar he’s playing, he always comes up with great playing ideas and executes them. He could be the great unknown player that needs to be seen and recorded. Locally thats about it. There are some great players out there like Jim Perry and Cliff Goodwin and Mitch Chakour. They just didn’t have the same impact on me. Those guys are every bit or more talented than myself, but I’m talking about musicians that made me play differently and made me think about what I was doing on the guitar. I’m not close friends with all these people but I know who they are and what they meant to musicians in the area. My next blog will probably be about players on the national level that influenced me…..Johnny Press.

  3. JohnnyPress

    Some great players who I think could be something if they wanted to be but didn’t have any influence on me are..Jeff Tremblay, who when he was 13 was picking up babes at my shows). He knows a ton about technique and tone. When I have an amp or tube question I go to Jeff. I always said he was my guitar legacy in the area. Bob Jolie, who started playing a little after me. He always had a great blues tone and could make me turn my head when he played. Big Bob could wail. Mark Gordon, the owner of Gordon Lasalle music stores is a fine musician with a ton of knowledge who I never really acknowledged publicly. I think the time to do that is now. John Carolikas ( John Queen), Great tone and Marshall crazy. He always sounds great. Michael Foster of the Shaboo all stars and Avalanche. This guy is like the Bunny that keeps on going. He can do a 20 minute solo and keep you with him the whole time. He can also write fine rock material(check out his site). He always had the best equipment and tone. Rock on Mike(he also plays a great B3 Keyboard). There are many others who I’m sure will come to mind as soon as I stop this blog..I apologize ahead of time…Johnny Press

  4. JohnnyPress

    Inernational guitar star heroes to me (that the crappy title of this one way blog). The Beatles (George Harrison was the 1st to make me want to pick up the guitar). When I started to learn I went straight to the Ventures and Duane Eddy. I still love that stuff to this day. I started listening to all British bands at the time. I had a friend who was big into the Byrds Roger McGuinn, so I listen to 8 Miles High forever. Then came JEFF BECK(who is still MY guiatr hero to this day) with the Yardbirds. I started asking myself hey whats this blues stuff. The Animals were also doing it and the Stones(Keith Richards was also a big influence). I started listening to Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley(the Zotos brothers had all their records and would turn me on to them). A great High School friend Richard Adamick was getting pretty well schooled in the blues and turned me on to BB & Albert King, Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield and others(even the Amboy Dukes with Ted Nugent). Paul Butterfields guitarist Mike Bloomfield ws a real eye opener to me. His feel and tone were what I wanted until the BEANO ALBUM…John Mayall with Eric Clapton. Wow..what tone and technique and feel. That album still influences me to this day. If I could get that tone I’d be the happiest man in show business. Then Jeff Beck went solo with Rod Stewart and came out with the Truth album. I believe I wore the grooves off that album. I saw Jimmy Page with the Yardbirds and loved him. When the 1st Zep album came out and I put Good Times Bad Times on my musical world changed. Then JIMI HENDRIX knocked them all out of the park. All I can say is I spent close to a year copying every lick on the 1st album. It was then I realized my Gretch Tennesean wasn’t cutting it anymore, had to get a Paul or Strat. Wes Montgomery was getting huge about then and I quickly picked up on the octave playing. There wrer so many great bands around and they were all unique. I listened to everything. I went to the original Woodstock and the 2 guitarist I came away thinking about were Carlos Santana and Leslie West. It seems I had to wait a year or more after the Concert to pick up their records. I quickly snatched them up and tried to learn everything they were doing and why. The Allman Brothers and the Layla album were my next big influences. Theynalso influenced the entire Southern Rock music scene(I don’t believe would have happened without these records to guide it). I did a gig in New York with the Maravishnu Orchestra and was totally blown away by John McGlauphlin(spelling). That kind of speed and technique is still stunning to this day. Brian May of Queen became my next influence. He was a combination of incredible tone, intricate well thought out solos and experimentation. He is so good its ridiculous. Michael Schenkar came along and I loved the way he played also, emotion combined with technique. Then one of my all time favorites came out Gary Moore. He’s has had a major impact on me from the 1st time I saw him live with Thin Lizzy. Tremendous player absolutely tremendous whatever style he chooses. Eddie Van Halen also influenced me as he did the whole rock world. I decided I wasn’t going to copy his style if I could help it. His style is so unique unto him that anybody using his technique would be compared to him(and not do it as well). I loved his whammy bar tecnique better than the 2 hand approach(which I use very sparingly,but do use it). I’m just gonna start naming names of people who one way or another affected the way I play..Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Peter Green,Mick Taylor, Buddy Whittington, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Joe Satriani, Ritchie Blackmore(huge influence on me in the mid 70’s),Steve Vai,Coco Montoya,Albert Collins,Joe Pass,Joe walsh, Peter Townsend, Kal David,Jeff Skunk Baxter, Vince Gill, Richie Furay, Steve Stills, Ray Gomez, Billy Gibbons and many many more…Its been quite a musical journey and these guys helped me through ….Johnny Press

  5. JohnnyPress

    Paul Kossoff, Neal Schon,Brian Robertson and John Sykes..when I remember more I’ll put them on..Johnny Press

  6. JohnnyPress

    oh yeah..I also like local guys Fran D’agosino, Mike barrett and Tim Pike..I told you I’d think of more…Johnny Press

  7. JohnnyPress

    and Jerrry Martin and Steve Sabella..Johnny Press

  8. JohnnyPress

    Fran d’Agostino(my brother from another mother) has a lot of the same sensibilities I have. He’s very fluid and a blast to watch. He’s always having a good time. Steve Sabella, no matter what he’s playing through, has the fattest guitar tone anywhere, he cranks.Jerry Martin, just a wonderful guitarist. Knows exactly what he’s doing. He probably could play through a 25 dollar amp and make it sound great. Mike Barrett makes good choices sounds great and can also sing great. Multi talented, I have a lot of respect for him. Last but not least is Tim Pike. I don’t really know and have only met him a couple of times. This guy is the real deal. Plays great guitar and has the voice I wish I had. Multi talented and can wring the emotion from his guitar and voice…..Johnny Press

  9. JohnnyPress

    I forgot.. I was also very influenced in the mid 70’s by the late great Tommy Bolin…….Johnny Press

  10. JohnnyPress

    By the way and this is for my Buddy Dave….David Ciampaglia is a great drummer….he kicks a**. I love the guy

  11. JohnnyPress

    I also forgot to put down 3 of my biggest influences in the mid 70’s Robin Trower, Rick Derringer and Ronnie Montrose

  12. JohnnyPress

    I have to say the Zotos brothers were a huge part of my growing up in music and somehow keep being involved in my life. Alex, Tom and Paul are the Zotos brothers. When I was a child I saw Alex on Community Auditions (on TV) doing a Bo didley song. He was singing, shaking his maracas and doing his Bo Diddley dance. He was one of the 1st rockers in the town of Southbridge. Tom and Paul were always turning me on to black artist, such as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters. They also turned me on to the Rolling Stones when I was a total Beatle freak. Tom and Paul were also musicians. Tom played guitar and Paul played congas and upside down guitar(left handed). At the time the big place to play if you were a musician was the RAT DANCE. Doug Detarando ran these every Friday and Saturday night. The place was always packed. This was Dougs show. He was the DJ and on the main stage. He usually had the bands play on the floor. He paid them about 10 bucks apiece ( I think he actually got up to 15 dollars apiece). He was a monopoly, until Tom Zotos decided to compete against him. He and Paul got the Romanian hall to use and hired Mickey and the Motions to be their house band(they were the official Beatles clone band in the area). They had great susccess and eventually put Doug out of business. They actually paid the bands well. When Gerry and the Stompers which became the Sunny Daze first started we were basically a clone of Mickey and the Motions. As we grew we expanded the set list to Stones, Yardbirds and eventually Cream and Hendrix. We had a set list of over 100 songsm and could play any of it at any time.When Tom and Paul started to have a problem with the Motions they got a hold of us. We took their place as the house band and became the most popular band in the area. We were under age playing nightclubs in Boston (and dating the waitresses). The Motions were essentially done and out of business. They couldn’t seem to get past just copying the Beatles. When I went off to College, I had heard that Tommy and Paul were performing live as an original act. I went to see them, liked them and hired them at Salem State College. I also hooked up Tommy with some people I knew in the Music business.Whenever I came home, I would jam with them. They were big anti-war guys(during Vietnam) and were always getting hassled by authorities. They were very smart shmoozers though. They always landed on their feet and somehow convinced authority figures to go along with them. After GNP they drg me out to recording studios to do sessions for them, which I would play the guitar parts and sometime rearrange the songs for them. Through them I met John Convertino ( a big part of my recording life) and Scott Spray(who now plays bass and writes with Johnny Winter). I also met Steve Fife who set up the Velocity deal for me. When I was playing 5 nights a week with Southpaw, I was also working during the day for awhile. Tom and Paul showed up at my house on my 1 day off and kidnapped me . They took me to Bridgeport CT and I recorded stuff for them the next two days. I don’t ever remember ever getting paid for a gig or recording for the Zotos brothers(seriously). It has to be friendship. Whenever one of them needs me for a gig or benefit, I’ve been there for them. Tom and Paul have gone separate ways. Tom was very succesful in Hollywood and worked with major film studios and recording companies. Paul also went to Hollywood and had a lot of stuff happening that really didn’t take off( a lot like myself). He returned to Southbridge and runs the local access channel out here. He has become somewhat of a Southbridge Historian and documents many events with his camera crew. He still performs and is still very talented. Tom has asked me to do some benefit shows(which I have done). The benefit is called a Benefit for Stephan. Stephan was Alex and Joann Zotos’ son who died at a very young age. Stephan loved music and every year we throw a benefit and give the proceeds to schools. Its usually a fun time for me as I get to see and play with people I haven’t seen or played with in years. This year I got to play again with my brother Mike. Mike and I haven’t played together in 35 yrs until this last benefit. I love my brother he has been nothing but supportive of me and has actually spent his own money putting together CD’s of my old tapes out of the kindness of his own heart. It seems I can’t escape the Zotos family, they are a part of my life and probably always will be….Johnny Press

  13. JohnnyPress

    I was just emailing a very excellent guitarist, Kent Pearson, who performed in New England for years and is now in Florida. here is his website This guy was always good and may even be better now. Great tone and cool licks. Its good to see some of the good ones getting out in the public eye…Johnny Press

  14. JohnnyPress

    This comes from The Taz Digregorio Myspace websight….

    Scarlet Carnival
    Category: Music


    Taz has found some help for his new album from an old friend and family member, John Presutti. You can check his site out at

    They are currently working on a song called “Road To Life.”

    This will be the first time the two have collaborated on an album together.

    Taz has been the Keyboard player for the Charlie Daniels Band for 35 yrs now. This will be his 3rd Solo album..the 1st 2 are Midnight in Savannah and the 2nd is Shakerag. Do yourself a favor and check out the CD’s. You can find them on Charlie Daniels website. My favorite is the Shakerag CD which really kicks ass…Johnny Press

  15. JohnnyPress

    Charlie Daniels Website is and Taz’s website is….check em out..Johnny Press

  16. JohnnyPress

    I just finished recording my parts for “The Road to Life” for the new Taz Digregorio CD. Theres multiple guitar parts all over it. The Music has a Bad Company feel to it. For the Equip Geeks I used my old friend the Black Strat I always record with and a Marshall 800 series 50 watt. I added some parts with a Fender Champ. Dan Bunge on drums and Bobby Young on Bass. We recorded at the Tremelo Lounge in West Boylston with Roger Lavallee supervising the engineering and production. It was great to see Roger again and work with him(he’s an old guitar student of mine). It was a lot of fun…Johnny Press

  17. JohnnyPress

    I went in the studio and changed the beginning of the solo on Road to life. I used my Green Strat through a vibroverb (with 2 10’s) and a Boss Blues Driver. The original intro was a little too out there for the boys in Nashville(though I still like it the best) It sounded like the death moan of a dinosaur(just what i wanted). Now its more Claptonish ( maybe even Leslie Westish). I also doubled the original intro. The original is my Black Strat going through a Fender Champ and is super clean. I used an epiphone Riviera through a Marshall Plexi to double it(a more electric tone in the background of the clean sound). It all sounds real cool and crunchin’. I’m already booking the time for another Taz song that he has recorded before with Charlie Daniels ( I’m not gonna tell you which one yet),and Taz will be sending me a brand new song shortly. The Album is starting to come along. Its nice playing for a purpose. I will let you all in on everything I do in there, so when you listen to the finished product, you’ll have a lot of insight into what was done to create it. The Road to Life will be played by the Charlie Daniels Band on their up coming tour. I can’t wait to see Chris Wormer playing my parts ( he’s excellent). Its gonna be a fun Summer, I can tell already…Johnny Press

  18. JohnnyPress

    Big things going on in the household..Nikki’s Birthday (April Fools Day) and Shane going off to Oakland A’s Spring Training 5 days later..A new Song to record next Saturday…whew excitement in the house…Johnny Press

  19. JohnnyPress

    I was just told that CDB will not be playing Road To Life live , so Taz is sending me another song this week to record asap so they can do it on the tour. I guess Road to life is a little too heavy(subject and music) for the band. Too bad i thoght they could knock it out of the park live. I’ll get back to you with details about the new song ( whats its like ) and tell you who will be on it with me….Johnny Press

  20. Johnny Press

    We just recorded the CD title cut today Scarlett Carnival…cool songs..with great lyrics. I used my Green strat with a fender Pro junior and did a lot of slide work. This was fun as i don’t often have the opportunity to do slide work in the studio. I also got a chance to throw in some Chuck Berry licks..Thsi song is my favorite so far..johnny press

  21. JohnnyPress

    I’m waiting for the horn parts to be put on Scarlett carnival and then, I’ll be back in adding some guitar parts. The Horns are being done by Kenny anderson and Tom Jones horn section. Taz has a song called the Border that let me hear. I really wanted to play on this..but a special guest guitarist already did his thing on I guess there is at least 1 song I won’t be on. The special guest was Buck Dharma from Blue Oyster Cult…Johnny Press

  22. JohnnyPress

    I just bought my buddy Dave Amato’s latest CD. He is the guitarist and main harmony man fro REO Speedwagon. Its a very good CD and I recommend it to everyone. The songs are great and have ton of hooks(they are known for this) and lots of Beatle influences..Check it out. They are selling the CD at Wal mart for 14 bucks and you get the new CD, A live Concert of tytheir biggest Album Hi Infidelity and a DVD of them performing unplugged on XM Radio..pretty cheap for all that entertainment. Its Called Find You Way Home…..Johnny Press

  23. marvin

    must be nice to be busy…can’t wit to hear all this. Keep in touch and keep rockin’

  24. JohnnyPress

    The next tunes being cut are, a zydeco type tune called Angeline and a classic Taz tune from the Charlie Daniels Band Full Moon Album called Potion for the Pain

  25. JohnnyPress

    Just said goodbye to my friend from Florida Michael Foster and at the same time met some some really fine and very good musicians, The Eason Bros from CT.I also finally found out what happened to Original Big Guns singer Les Brown. He’s singing in a band from New York called Damn Cheetah…he’s still singing great..what a voice. Mark Easton also told me he knows how to get a hold of my old Southpaw drummer Tommy Dion. so other than finding out that my son has pneumonia..its been a good day. My son went to the doctors to get checked out in Washington(state) and found out he has pnuemonia..he’s stuck in his hotel room eating antibiotics..poor kid.

  26. Norm

    Just a quick comment about ‘Big’ Bob Jolie: It’s been almost 20 years since you introduced me to Bob. In all that time, not only had I never played with him, I had never even seen him play (sheltered childhood! LOL)! I’m here to tell you that, a couple of nagging health problems notwithstanding (who of us doesn’t have them, these days?), this guy can still crank! No shameless plug, that would fit perfectly here, BUT, ya never know who might show up ‘…….in a theater near you!’ Old rockers never die……..they just shave their heads to camouflage the baldness!

  27. JohnnyPress

    As of Aug.30th I am no longer involved with the Taz Digregorio project. I wish the guys I brought into the recording all the success in the world. As to why I’m not involved anymore..well we’ll see what happens in the near future and maybe someday the truth will come out. I’m involved with 3 songs for the CD ,Scarlett Carnival, Road to Life and My Sweet Angeline. Whether my parts remain by the time the CD is done remains to be seen. I have a real bad taste in my mouth about behind the scenes manuevering..but whats done is done. My cousin is extremely talented and a 1st rate singer/songwriter and I hope he becomes even more successful.

  28. JohnnyPress

    On Saturday the 24th of August, at Sneakers Sportsbar in Ashford CT. I , for the 1st time ever could not finish the night. I was rushed to the hospital during the 3rd set,as it was feared I was having a heart attack.Well my heart is fine. I had what is called an anxiety attack. I never had one before and never want one again. The stress of daily life in my household and the backstabbing I was taking in the TAZ project all caught up to me in one day and I collapsed. I’m Ok and this last Saturday, the 31st, we played a set at the Sober in the Sun festival in Rutland MA and the set went well and I felt fine…lets hope for better times in the future. Rock on

  29. JohnnyPress

    I’m looking forward torking on a new CD with my old friend from Southpaw, Charlie Doherty. He’s a fine songwriter/singer and we should make some great music together. I’m also writing songs again and maybe collaborating with the very talented Scott Bronnes. We’ll see what we come up with. So it looks like I’m not completely dead yet. One of these days the Mess will have to record also..that should be a very interesting project.

  30. JohnnyPress

    Just saw some old friends of mine play a gig for the 1st time in years. Whiskey Real with Norm Jacques and Bob Jolie really crank. The only problem was a bad PA that couldn’t handle them. I looked beyond that and they played well. Bob who is suffering from Parkinson’s doesn’t let it stop him from blistering a solo, it takes a lot of courage and downright determination to do what he does. We love ya Big Bob. Norm and Dave his new lead singer played and sang great. Brad Keene was solid and played great drums(and got me in for nothing,thanks Brad) and last but not least Brian Page on guitar. I have not seen Brian play for almost 30 yrs. He rocks(even has that Iggy Pop look down, which is terrific for guys our age). Big thick chords and rippling solos, sounds like Brian never stopped. Norm Jacques( a friend for years)played great Bass, nice tone and tight with the drums. You know I think this is the 1st time I’ve actually seen him play live. Hopefully next time they play they’ll have a better PA system. They are loud but not that loud, the poor band didn’t even have monitors. Check them out when they are in your neighborhood.

  31. JohnnyPress

    We are playing at The Village in Woodstock CT Saturday night. This is a small club, but everybody is into it. Its the kind of gig that most bands would love to play. C’mon down and check it out, we’ll be smokin’, I guarantee it.

  32. Norm

    Thanks for the kind words. It was OK for a first gig but, as usual, I, personally, am never satisfied. Hey…it’ll only get better! PA notwithstanding, it was a pretty good time, though. It was great to see you, Tony, and Gary there. Did you know that Tony and Brian played together, once upon a time?

    Look forward to seeing you at The Village this weekend.

  33. JohnnyPress

    Had free tickets to see Van Halen at the DCU center..whoa!!!..They are now officially the loudest band in the world. They did all the best songs from the Roth era and it was very entertaining. One complaint..for a band of this magnitude, they had one of the worst mixes I have ever heard. There were points in some songs where I didn’t know where they were at. There was practically no separation between instruments. It was still fun and good to see Eddie and Davr looking healthy..rock on

  34. JohnnyPress

    I can finally call my band a garage band. For the 1st time in my life, I did a gig in a garage, a large one but still a garage. Believe it or not it was still afun gig. Hey all you guitar players out there..this is when its a good idea to be able to play through small amps.

  35. JohnnyPress

    I had an old friend mention to me that we should stop competing against each other. He doesn’t realize this, I guess, but I’ve NEVER competed against him. I don’t compete against other musicians. Everyone has their own voice on the instrument so its a rather pointless exercise to compete. You either like some ones style or you don’t. If you are competing against other musicians, then you are missing the point of being a musician..which is to make music..if you’re hung up trying to outdo someone else, it hurts your originality and the song itself

  36. JohnnyPress

    Dec 28th I will be doing the Stephan Zotos benefit at 18 Mill St in Southbridge at The Mill. A great cause, please come by and support it. Right now we have The Zotos bros, The Johnny Press Mess, Whiskey Real, I will be playing 3 songs with my brother Mike also. There are others that will still be added to the show. This show usually pulls around 2 to 3oo people in the room, so get your butt down there and have a good time

  37. Norm

    Looking forward to aiding the cause Dec. 28th. If you have any local folks checking in your blog, they might be interested to know that they may have already seen Whiskey Real at, as they say, another local establishment, under our original name (and one we may well go back to, permanently!), “Beaten By Nuns.” People there seemed to enjoy what we had to offer. Maybe they’d all like to come out, see us both, and contribute to a good cause, all at once!

    See you tonight at The Village Inn!

  38. JohnnyPress

    The person who backstabbed me after I hooked him up with my cousin TAZ has now been thrown out of that project. What goes around comes around. I can’t say I’m not laughing my ass off about it because…I am

  39. Johnsavi

    Hey Johnny,
    Its good to see you are still rockin’ Its your old friend and recording engineer John Savignano. I stay in touch with Artie and Tony B. and have been following your website and the GNP YouTube site.
    I often think of writig but never do. but here goes.
    We ( all of us who formed a bond starting at Salem State)I went to high school with Artie Johnson, Joe Botti & Jack Butterfield (The Empty Pockets) are very fortunate to have all come together as friends and share some of the wildest & greatest memories anyone could imagine. From Gnp playing all over the North Shore & Boston, the wild parties, the concerts and the millions of brain cells scattered into the universe. I know now these are some of my fondest memories. As part of that experience and exploring my own musical callings I went in the direction of recording and engineering at some of the top studios at the time- I started out at the studio on Newbury st. ( later became Synchro Sound when the Cars bought it/& worked at Aengus in Southboro, and ended up at Northern studio in Maynard where I did some great recording with you and Pinch.
    I have to say that in all my years of recording some of the hottest guitarists on the planet (Earl Slick -David Bowie & John Lennons Guitarist), Joe perry -Aerosmith, Tommy Bolin- Deep Purple & The james Gang to name a few. I always thought Johnny Press was right up there with the best, you can light up a guitar and have your own sound. I am glad you are still at it and hope we cross paths again soon.

    Your friend

    Johnny JJ Savignao

  40. Johnny Press

    Hey Savi…
    Stay in touch. We’ve share a lot of memories and I think of you every now and then ..wondering..what the hell happened to Sav. Stay in touch ..hope to see ya soon

  41. Johnny Press

    I spent last night hanging out with the Johnny Winter band. They rocked the house. Bassist Scott Spray and I go back 30 yrs, when we were doing sessions at CRS in CT. He has now recorded on over 600 about talented. I met Johnny’s manager and second guitarist Paul Nelson, who is very good, and picked up some guitar effect tricks( never too old to learn a few tricks), I’ll put up picture in the friends category of the photo gallery of the Johnny;s..Winter and Press…and of Scott and Johnny performing on stage

  42. Johnny Press

    Last night I was at the Def Leppard/Styx/REO Speedwagon show in Providence. I was invited my old friend Dave Amato(guitarist for REO). Great show by everybody involved and a real eye opener equipment wise. The set ups these guitarist and Bas players use are state of the art and awesome. I feel like a prehistoric man as I just plug into an amp and play. Their racks are state of the art and so is their sound. I had a great time..thanks Dave

  43. Johnny Press

    I had a visit from an old friend and singer today. Norman Bastien stopped over. I haven’t seen Norman for over 20 yrs. He’s had some health issues, but looked great. It’s nice to see old friends again . I gave him a CD of some songs we recorded together and you could see him brighten up.

  44. Johnny Press

    6 new videos on YOUTUBE.COM..check them out. I’m playing through the super with the Fulltone OCD on all of them

  45. Johnny Press

    there are 3 more videos going on You Tube. These took place at the concert for Stephan. A yearly benefit. These have some of my better guitar playing in a video. I used a Fender vibroverb with a blues driver and my trusty Green Strat. there was only one quick rehersal for these songs and they are mostly jammed from beginning to end. We all watch to see what Tommy Zotos is gonna do next. The songs are “the Monkey Song”, Everyday I feel like singing” and Bo Didley’s Mona

  46. Johnny Press

    One of my favorite crazy people in the music business has died. Lee Vachon, who played with me in Smokin Joe and Leader Dog and was a lifetime friend has passed on . He was definitely a child of his time, he lived the R & R lifestyle 24/7 and lived it hard. The toll it took is an early death, but a ton of memories for me. I’m gonna miss him

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