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by on Feb.11, 2007, under Johnny Press Mess

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  1. marvin

    The John Press Mess delivers the blues..just the way it should be.

  2. JohnnyPress

    I was running the web show American Blues Jam when I hooked up with Ed Peabody again. We talked a little about starting a new band, but nothing came of it. Soulshaker was falling apart and I wasn’t in a hurry to do anything new. Ned did a fill in gig for me with Soulshaker and i asked him if he’d be interested, he said he was. Gary Cordeiro was in Las Vegas, so I had no idea if he was gonna be around. Tony was in if I wanted to do something. Tony, Myself,Scott Bronnes,Brooks Milgate and Ned did an American Blues Jam show and billed ourselves as the Johnny Press Mess. That was the seed of an idea. Tony,Ned & Ed were game, but Brooks Milgate was already playing in about 4 bands and I didn’t want to hold back such a young & excellent talent. Scott Bronnes is one of the best singers in the world as far as I’m concerned, but I also knew we would probably butt heads if we stayed together. He is much more of a purist than me and I’m not sure he knew what he wanted to do at that time. So Ed was perfect, he was willing to become the front man and it was his idea to name the band after me(thanks Ed).Suddenly Gary was back in the picture and wanted to play again,we were only too happy to bring him in the fold. So I dubbed them the Mess after that ABJ show, and everyone seems to like it. Oh well here’s to a new beginning with some talented people

  3. marvin

    I saw the Johnny Press Mess in October 06, Ashland Ma. Blew me away. ftont man (Ed?) is sensational and plays a great harp…whole band is powerful..worth the trip.

  4. JohnnyPress

    We just did a gig at the Windham sports bar opening for Kal David. This was a lot of fun as we had a tight 1hr show that went over well, and I was reunited with my old friend and soundman from the Southpaw days, Skip Weeks. A good time was had by all.

  5. JohnnyPress

    We played to a couple of thousand people on our 2 gigs this weekend and it was fun to see people I haven’t seen in a long time. My old friend Michael Foster showed up and it was great to see him, he’s been living in Florida so I don’t get to see him . Hopefully this will lead people to the website and to more gigs…..secret..I’m getting so lazy now that I haven’t changed my strings in almost a month …and I didn’t break any..thats a first.

  6. Mike and Nancy Fors

    Fabulous show at the Mill in Southbridge – we’d love to know when your group is playing out. Please include us on you list. We missed Soul Shaker – but think this new group is even better. Bravo!

  7. JohnnyPress

    Thank you Mike and Nancy..I am talking to my webmaster about setting up am all E Mail about when we will play. Right now we keep our schedule on in the SHOWS section.

  8. JohnnyPress

    we are currently about to be booked by an agency Cubed Squared out of Kennsington CT. Well maybe I do have an angel on my shoulder looking after me. Here’s hoping for good things ahead

  9. Johnny Press

    lets talk about the fickleness of the music business. I’ve been playing music for an awful long time and I am pretty well known as a guitarist (especially in my home town). I’ve made records, been on tour, flown around the country to perform. If you walk into Gordon Music in Southbridge and ask who I am, they could give you an extensive history on my good and bad traits and my career. The guys in the Mess asked me to stop by a bar called the Pump House in Southbridge MA to get a gig. I didn’t really want to play here because this used to be the old Hotel Newman where the drunks upstairs used to fall down the stairs to get a drink. It was the dive of all dives in Southbridge. The new owners are supposedly trying to get this cooking into a genuine music club. I was told by friends like Bob Jolie and my son Shane that the owner wanted me to come down and talk about playing here. The Mess thought it would be an easy gig, since its about 2 miles away from my home. So I went down there and introduced myself to the owner. He said to wait and talk to his wife who books the club. So I sat at the bar for 20 minutes(I don’t drink) and waited. Finally she introduced herself and I introduced myself. She looked me straight in the eye and said ” never heard of you”. Talk about a reality slap. I gave her my website where she could check out the band and she said she would get back to me. Well, she never got back to me. I couldn’t even get a gig at the lowest paying club in the area. Whoa! Its a fickle business and unless you’re constantly in the puplic eye, you become forgettable. This is one of the reasons I tried to keep my children away from this business. Its tough. Last week we played at the Lake Tavern and packed the place, people were dancing on the tables and having a great time. We got tons of compliments and even picked up more gigs from the gig. Thats a complete contrast to what I experienced in my own home town. So far we’ve gone over very well in Connecticutt and we are barely playing in Massachusetts. The main reason is the clubs don’t pay. Why should they hire you when they get bands to play for 300 dollars a night ( garbage money). So we’ll move forward and keep getting better, eventually adding backup singers and the price will go up. Hopefully we can find a niche in My home state

  10. Johnny Press

    there are 6 new videos on On 3 I am playing with separate artist at the Bluesfest in 2005. The other 3 were done at a webcast. An act had cancelled and I ran the webcast so I had to fill the night. I called up some friends to help me and we jammed anything that Scott Bronnes wanted to sing. We called the group, the Johnny Press Mess and I’ve been calling the band that since then. I hope you enjoy and realize that all of this stuff was done with artist who had never played together was jammin’ including the Bluesfest. Chaeck em out and rate them..some comments would also be good..thanks ahead of time..Johnny Press

  11. Johnny Press

    A friend of mine called me yesterday and asked me if I was playing in the Boston area. He told me he saw an ad for the John Press project..this is not us…if you don’t see MESS next to’s not us. We are proud of being a MESS..I hope thats his real name..I mean who would want to steal mine

  12. Johnny Press

    We had a great time at Gilreins last night. The real eye opener was the response given to Melissa peobody. She has been making appearances with us, doing a couple of songs, whenever we play. Last night the crowd went nuts. Hpefully Melissa will realize the kind of talent she has and take this to the next level. that girl can sing

  13. Johnny Press

    Melissa’s on her way to New Jersey to audition for American Idol..big words of wisdom from Johnny Press…don’t forget the lyrics…lol..Good luck M

  14. Johnny Press

    We are in the process of mixing a live CD of the current show. We were recorded live at a festival we played at Aug31st,2008. Unfortunately only 7 songs were recorded because of a problem that occured. Two of the songs we weren’t going to put on the CD anyway. So far we’ve found 3 songs that we will use. We are playing an outdoor Concert this Sunday in Putnam CT. Hopefully we’ll be able to pull another 6 or 7 from that and get the CD out to as soon as possible.

  15. Johnny Press

    Tony has been kind enough to let me use his 1974 White 20th anniversary Gibson Les Paul Custom. It has been added to the arsenal. Sounds great, I can’t wait to use it live

  16. Richard Kramer

    To J. Press,
    I’ll try to keep this comment as short as I can considering it covers a period of time. First, there are only five guitar players in rock that have made a true difference to all who have taken up the instrument. Some may disagree, but I can assure you that this is who affected me. They are: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page & Eddie Van Halen. Of course there are plenty more, but for the sake of argument and of course keeping this short, they have influenced the greater majority of rockers out there. I have played guitar for over forty years and have seen most everyone that has come and gone through the New England area. There have been some great guitar players that have come out of that period of time but I must say that Johnny Press is hands down the very best of the lot. I’m not saying that he is in the category of the five I mentioned earlier, but indeed he ranks high in my estimation. I have seen him in almost every band noted on his website and he seems to only get better with age. What truly amazes me is that so few will go out of their way to see this guitarist extraordinaire. Those that have are always blown away by his amazing performances and brilliant fret work. That is what makes this comment a rather sad one. Here we have a man who has played his heart out for thousands over the years and so few are willing to go out of their way to hear him. A true crime if there ever was one.
    My suggestion to all those who think the garage bands that are making albums and hitting the top 100 are the cream of the crop and their lead guitarist is unbelievable, go see this guy, Johnny Press, then come out of the show and tell me to my face that your hero rocker who can’t fit two chords together can play better. I dare you.
    For those who want to really see a guitar players guitarist is all about, see The Johnny Press Mess at least once. I promise you, it will be well worth the time. Play on Johnny, you have at least one musician out there that gets it!!!

  17. Johnny Press

    wow//thank you..I almost have tears in my eyes ..seriously

  18. Dennis Noth

    In response to Richard Kramer,
    I must tell this story because it goes hand in hand with Kramers comments on J.Press. I went to a club in Southbridge called, if I remember, The Cannery?? Friends brought me and I was told that the band called The Johnny Press Mess was a good one to see. What I was expecting was some crap band that played locally and probably played the top 10 pop slop. What I got was a new perspective on what a lead guitarist was supposed to be. Damn, the man can play….I sat there with my mouth open wondering what the hell was this guy doin here. Kramer is right, people should see this guy. Hell for the cheap price and small club, it dosent get much better. Every song was a gem. Johnny Press is my new friggin hero.

  19. Johnny Press

    Thank you Dennis..I should hire you and Richard as my guys make me feel great and I thank you for it

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